The answer is no but don’t take it from me:

Comments below are from the owner:

The rumor mill on social media is once again alive with a new narrative that brings back the nightmare of COVID 19 only this time there is no new virus or illness. It’s simply an unfounded rumor that seems to have a life of its own!

Like humans however, your fur-baby can and does catch colds or flus occasionally and we are now in the midst of the season for it. If you have an older pet then absolutely do what you can to keep them healthy and safe. With that said you should not take them to dog parks where you have no idea which dogs have been inoculated and please don’t let them share water bowls or food with dogs you don’t know.

We at Weeping Willow Kennels take each cold and flu season very seriously and each season has its own challenges. Every dog that comes to our facility is up to date on their shots with no exceptions. We do all that we can to keep our kennel clean and sanitized. In addition to the all the normal housekeeping precautions, we have one major advantage over every other kennel in the area and that is that our kennels and runs are separated by cinder block walls. These 6-foot-high cinder block walls act as natural barrier to help protect your kids. We do get them outside individually multiple times a day to get fresh air and sunshine which is the best disinfectant known to exist. We also offer free access to our 2 acre Dog Park if you are a Weeping Willow customer should you need a place to let your fur-baby get in some exercise.

Our Kennel Tech’s are trained to observe and be aware of anything that might be a sign of trouble for your fur-baby. Believe it or not they even know what your fur-baby’s poo is supposed to look like.

We do recommend that you have your fur-babies up to date on their shots against the REAL and KNOWN viruses as Dr. Rayne suggests.

If you sense or know that your fur-baby is not feeling well we ask that you not bring them to a boarding kennel but instead get them to your Veterinary doctor immediately.

Lastly, we ask that you get your fact-based information regarding the care of your fur-baby from your Veterinary Doctor or the American Veterinary Medical Association at: and not social media.