About Us

As most of you know by now Weeping Willow Kennels was purchased by Jerry and Aileen Black on March 1st 2016. Jerry and Aileen are the former founders of the Eastern Shore’s 1st, only and last shelter that served exclusively homeless veterans. Their shelter was in operation from 2005 through 2015 and successfully served over 330 veterans before closing January 1 of 2016. During that time period the shelter had developed a Therapy and PTSD Service Dog training program that rescued unwanted dogs who were re-purposed to serve as therapy and or service dogs for qualified candidates that were staying at the shelter. The dogs like the homeless veterans they were serving, found a new life with purpose and would go on to become productive members of our community. It was this humble beginning that instilled the bug of owning a boarding kennel in the heart of Jerry who had worked so hard to help develop the service/therapy dog program.

What most of you don’t know is that during the 1st year of ownership Jerry was trained under the watchful eye of the former owners Ola and Steve Meadowcroft who still reside in the original home which has been in Ola’s family for generations. Jerry learned every aspect of the largest kennel on the Eastern Shore from yes…picking up dog poo to the management of the business itself. He along with his wife Aileen were mentored by Steve and Ola during the first year of operation to ensure a successful transition of the business. The transition was so seamless that most of the customers were not aware that the purchase had taken place well into that first year of operation.