What are your business hours?

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM-10:00 AM
Sunday 4:00 PM- 6:00 PM

We have a fully secured and gated property on a dead end, gravel, private driveway.

What if these hours do not work for me?

As we provide care for our furry guests 365 days a year, we RARELY make exceptions to our lobby business hours. If you would like to discuss a special situation, please call. If available, there will be a minimum $60.00 CASH special appointment fee and you will be charged for the full time of the occupied space.

How far in advance should I book a reservation?

It's never too early! During all weekends and holiday/summer weeks we are usually booked out at least 5 weeks in advance. Our reservations are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis with a credit card deposit and we do not ever "pencil in" a reservation. Although we are always very busy, never hesitate to give us a call for last minute reservations because our schedule changes every day! We understand that life happens and we will make every effort to accommodate you!

What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

Like a hotel, we require a credit card deposit/hold at the time of booking all reservations. We must receive notification by phone call or email by noon a minimum of 3-days prior to the date of arrival/drop-off of a cancellation or change for all reservations. Additionally, we do not issue refunds or credits should you decide to pick up your fur-baby earlier than originally scheduled.

We are extremely busy year round and are accepting a limited number of fur-babies. If we have held a space for your fur-baby, it is certain that we have turned many other families away for that space and our services. If we did not return your message, we have not received it!

You pay at arrival for the space and services you request. We do not issue refunds or credits should you decide to pick up your fur-baby earlier than originally scheduled.

Changes made in accordance with our policy will be issued a refund of any deposit received, otherwise your deposit is considered a cancellation/change fee. If a deposit was not applied to your card at the time of booking, a minimum two-day boarding fee per pet will be charged if you cancel inside the window outlined on your confirmation email.

How am I charged & how may I pay?

Returning/Repeat Customers who would rather pay by check or cash will need to call the kennel to make the reservation in person. All new customers have to make the reservation online and pay in advance by card, no exceptions will be made to this policy.

Full payment for all boarding days is collected in advance when the reservation request is made, just like a hotel. You pay, in advance, for the time & services you have reserved. Any deposit taken at the time of booking will be processed the day you book the reservation. That amount will be deducted from your invoice at the time of departure. Charges for such items as grooming, medications, feeding, exercise walks and etc. will be invoiced at time of departure. Much like a hotel, all charges are per day. Morning departures have no charge and evening departures are considered a full day charge.

Sunday departures are always a full day's charge since we only have hours in the evening (all weekends are considered a 2-day minimum charge). We accept cash, personal checks & major credit cards. All rates are subject to change without notice.

We do not issue refunds for shortened vacations and we have a minimum 3-day year round cancellation/change policy. During holiday and other peak seasons, the cancellation period may be longer.

Do you offer discounts for multiple guests/extended stays?

All rates are per day per guest. We offer multiple pet discounts for pets sharing a kennel and for extended stay discounts. An extended stay is considered to be any stay longer than a 14 day period.

What are your vaccination & flea prevention requirements?

For the best protection of your pets, vaccinations should be administered at least two weeks prior to arrival. No guest will be permitted on the premises without record of CURRENT vaccinations.

Dogs: DHPP, Rabies, & Bordetella (this vaccine must be current within 6 months of vacation with us – this may be different than your veterinarian's protocol, but it's our policy!)

Cats: Must be neutered or spayed and have current FVRCP & Rabies shots

Every dog and cat must be current on an approved flea prevention product while in our care. We can provide this service at arrival, if needed. Every guest is checked at arrival and will be treated, at your expense, if any evidence of fleas is present.

Do I bring food?

We prefer that you bring food from home. All dry foods must be in either a resealable container or in daily meal size portions in zip-loc bags. We will not accept any open bags.

We offer Purina Pro Plan dry kibble as our "house" food option. There is a $5/day charge (includes breakfast & dinner) for our food. We are able to refrigerate, freeze, and micro-wave special diets and there is no extra charge! The most important thing is that your fur-baby continues to receive the very best care – just like at home! Cats can be very picky, so here again we encourage you to bring your own food from home, and any canned food or extra special treats that may be needed to keep your kitty happy. We feed breakfast around 7:30 AM and dinner around 4 PM

What about Grooming, Baths and Pedicures?

Because it is our goal for your dog to have the ultimate vacation with us, they are going to get dirty! They are going to run, dig, jump in our pools, and roll in the dirt! Doggy paradise! You can request a bath, the service includes a high quality wash, ear cleaning and light blow dry/brushing. If you would like to have your pet groomed which involves scissors, we can provide this service, please review Grooming under the Grooming Tab. It's always nice to come home to a fresh and clean dog! If you decline the bath service, that's your call! You just have to promise not to talk bad about us because your pup had so much fun rolling around our playground and getting slobbered on by all of his buddies!

Will you give medications?

We will gladly administer medications to your pet. There is a charge for prescription medications because these are tracked for insurance purposes. You can avoid these charges by providing individually bagged food with the medication in the bag. Supplements are given at no charge provided your fur-baby eats them with their food. All pill form medications should be provided in a pill box and not in the original packaging. 

What if my fur-baby requires veterinary care while at WWK Inc.?

Should your fur-baby need medical attention for any reason, we will first contact you and your personal veterinarian on file. We also have the Pets ER very close by for emergency situations. You will be responsible for all veterinary costs incurred for treatment of your pet.

How do I book a reservation?

Please make your reservations through our website at: www.weepingwillowkennels.com and click the services tab. You will be directed to the Reservation Request Form. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability and submit. You will immediately receive an auto-response reminding you that it is your responsibility to make sure that all shot records are current with WWK. The auto-response serves to let you know that the submission was successfully transmitted but is not a confirmation of the reservation! You will receive an email confirmation from one of our staff upon confirming that your fur-babies shot records are current with us. If you don't receive an email within 24 hours you can assume that we do not have current shot records. If you call and leave a message we will always return your call by the end of our business day, so if you did not hear back from us, we did not get your message! We will always call you back to confirm any cancellations.

Can I come for a tour?

Of course! We love to show off our amazing facility and meet new friends! You don't need to call for an appointment, but we ask that you don't show up at the end of a public session or on Sunday evening when everyone is trying to pick up their pets to go home. Morning visits are best because again the evening time is busy with customers picking up their kids. We don't book appointments because we feel it is important to see how a kennel is operating normally and not when it is ready for inspection. Please do not bring your pets along for the tour. There will be plenty of time for us to get to know them in the future!

Preparing Your Fur-Baby for Boarding:

Most fur-babies, like people, enjoy an opportunity for a change in scenery, step up in exercise, fresh air, and new friends. Once they familiarize themselves with their new surroundings, most of our guests thoroughly enjoy their stay at WWKs! However, there are a few critical steps that must be taken to make the most out of their stay:

If you can...make sure your fur-baby has received all their vaccinations at least two weeks prior to boarding. This will ensure that they are as protected as possible when entering a new environment – and allows any possible vaccine reactions to occur before you leave town! Receiving vaccinations can leave your pet feeling under the weather for a few days, so best that they are able to fully recover from a vet visit/vaccination and build their immunity while still at home (not all vaccines are effective immediately!)!

Also, please keep in mind that vaccines are not 100% effective, but studies show that pets who are as protected as possible recover from "bugs" much more quickly compared to under-vaccinated pets. Please plan ahead!

We do understand that it is not always possible to have the shots onboard 2 weeks prior to their visit with us. Just let us know when they did get their shots so that we can be aware and monitor their behavior. Please be advised that the Bordetella shot needs a 24 hour incubation period.

What should I pack?

You really don't have to bring anything accept your happy dog on a leash or your kitty in a carrier! We do recommend that you pack their food so that they don't get an upset tummy from a sudden diet change. Otherwise, food can be provided for a $5.00 per day charge that includes two feedings. Items such as bowls, water pails and blankets are provided at no charge! Do bring any special dietary requirements & medications (in a pill box and not in the original packaging). "Less is more" is a good philosophy! We offer lots of exercise and entertainment (included in the rate) and our entire facility is comfortably climate controlled at all times! A few toys (no rawhide or plush toys) are okay, but our fur-babies are usually so busy while they are here that they don't pay much attention to their toys from home. A small clothing item with your sent such as a glove or sock but no big bulky items or bedding. Please do bring any behavioral aides you use at home (medications, supplements, bark/training/citronella collars/thunder shirts, etc.)

Can I bring my fur-babies bed from home?

The answer is NO...Your fur-baby is provided with blankets that easily fit our kennel space and washer friendly. Simply put, accepting bedding from home is the easiest way for us to introduce fleas into our facility. No one thinks they have fleas, but they are out there! Keeping all of our supplies "in house" ensures that everything is sanitized to meet our strict specifications. You may choose to add our additional plush bedding to the visit for an extra $5/day.

Will you accept my fur-baby if it is not spayed or neutered?

The answer is "YES" but the kennel fee is $50.00 a day. Also please note that if your female comes in season during your scheduled reservation, she will not be accepted for boarding and if she is here and comes in season, she will have to be picked up immediately. Please make plans for an emergency contact. Our cancellation policy stands and you will not receive a refund of your deposit or paid boarding should you have to cancel or pick up early.

We board many intact male dogs at WWKs. We take each intact male dog on his own merits and evaluate them individually for social time and group activities, if you request these services.

Here's my personal opinion on neutering or spaying your fur-baby. If you are not breeding them...neutered and spay. It makes a much healthier and better dog of the male and of course no one wants an unplanned for litter from their female. That's my soap box speech on spaying and neutering

Puppies, kittens, or recently adopted shelter dogs:

Dogs & cats that are at least 16 weeks old are welcomed – as long as they have received at least 3 distemper/parvo vaccinations, a rabies vaccination, and a Bordetella vaccine (dogs only) as documented by your veterinarian. We regret that we are unable to accept pets that have been in a shelter or rescue facility for up to 30 days prior to their vacation due to the extended incubation period of contagious diseases.

How many Fur-babies can you accommodate?

We are the largest boarding kennel on the Eastern shore and have 54 completely air-conditioned and heated indoor/outdoor runs for dogs and we can house up to 8 cats in our cattery.

How often does my Fur-Baby go out for exercise time?

Our canine guests go outside for a free run and potty-break multiple times every day just like at home (365 days/year) – it's already included in the boarding rate! A potty-break is about 15 minutes long, depending on the temperature and the demands of our guests! You have the option to purchase additional exercise time, social time, leash walks and other services, as well. Check out our a la carte options! Our kitties have the option of roaming freely in the cat room if they are socialized. If not, they can stay in our very spacious ranchers and are exercised individually and on a rotational basis inside our cattery. They have as much or as little time out as they want.

Who can't stay at WWKs?

All fur-babies are welcome...Regardless of breed or size with the caveat that no aggressive dogs or females-in-season will be accepted. If your female comes into season during her stay with us, she will be removed from the kennel immediately and you or your emergency contact person will be required to find other accommodations for her. Dogs that become aggressive (with people or other guests) while at WWKs will be asked to leave immediately. If one of our staff is bitten badly enough to require medical attention, you will be held responsible for all medical costs and will be charged a $100.00 bite fee. We take aggressive behavior very seriously. No refunds will be issued in those cases where your pet was asked to leave early due to aggressive behavior. All cats must be spayed or neutered...no exceptions will be made.

We reserve the right to deny any fur-baby with life-threatening health issues (i.e. additions/Cushing's Disease/Diabetes/Heart conditions/seizures, etc.). Please ask and provide us with your fur-babies medical history and what is needed for their care. Remember...we are not a Veterinary and our staff is not trained to provide medical treatments. With that said we do care for many pets with comorbidities but on a case by case situation.

For the safety of your fur-baby, our other guests & our employees, we will not board any pet (regardless of size) that we cannot safely handle with ease. We recommend a daycare evaluation prior to overnight commitments. The charge for the daycare evaluation is $30, payable at the time of booking. Guests that have major separation anxiety issues that become a health concern and/or make life disruptive for our other guests will not be allowed to return. We strive to have a comfortable, "hands-on", fun and relaxed atmosphere . . . that's what vacation is all about!

Can I take my fur-baby to its kennel & say goodbye?

The answer is "NO". To minimize disruption and maximize safety for all of our guests (furry and human), we do not allow non-employees in the kennel. It is extremely disruptive for our guests to have strangers in and out, and we make every effort to provide a stress-free and relaxed environment. Please say a positive & quick goodbye when you hand your pet to one of our experienced staff members. Emotional goodbyes from you will give your pet the wrong idea of WWKs! This is a fun place to be and we want them to know that walking in the door! You set the tone.

Our pets are very in tune with our emotions – and they will often reflect in themselves what we are feeling in our hearts. It's why we love them so much! With this in mind, it is IMPERATIVE that we avoid a big emotional farewell scene. This will only increase your pet's anxiety (not to mention yours and mine!). Put your best game face on and remain calm and confident that you have made a great choice for your friend! Trust that your companion will be in the best possible care in your absence and that you have made the best possible arrangements – and leave your pet with that knowledge and confidence, as well! We make the check-in process very swift and will usually whisk your pet away quickly so they can get straight to the fun! Please understand that we are not trying to minimize your time for goodbyes, but only minimizing your friend's stress and confusion!