• Current Vaccinations – Documented
  • Emergency Contact and Numbers
  • Collar & Leash – These will be returned to you prior to boarding
  • ALL choker chain collars to be removed
  • All dry food should be provided in resealable containers (no large opened bags please)
  • All pill form medications should be provided in a pill box and not in the original packaging

Make this a happy adventure – NO TEARS OR GUILTY FEELINGS PLEASE– these feelings are conveyed to your “children” and become very stressful to them. The side effects to your “child” could be many.

Your “child” could develop Tracheobronchitis or Intestinal problems. Your “child” can carry viruses in their systems for months and begin to show symptoms only after being subjected to stressful situation. In other words, they can “CATCH” a disease from themselves.

Temporary behavior changes can occur as a result of unfamiliar surroundings such as tearing up of beds or they can turn into little lambs.

Eating habits change; they can lose or gain weight. Your “children” should go home exhausted but happy, and may sleep for the first couple of days.

Do not feed for at least 3-hours and then don’t over feed them. Excitement will cause panting, give them a couple of ice cubes to tide them over until feeding time.

During boarding it is possible for the “children” to step in their stools or urine and become dirty. This can happen in the cleanest kennel. Grooming may be necessary – Check with the kennel technician if you would like to have any bathing done.