BOARDING is defined as an overnight stay.  At Weeping Willow Kennels we structured our facilities in such a manner as to care for your “children” by size and temperament.  We have a small and large  PAWs kennel as well as a cattery, specialty rooms and areas for other unique “children” such as rabbits, turtles, birds, rats, etc.

While here they enjoy all the comforts  of home with lots of play time and by that I mean that we walk all of our canine “children” six times a day depending on weather.  Our goal is to have your “child” do their “business” outside in the play yard and not in their kennel.  This makes for a happier dog and provides a healthier environment for all of our guests and is why our kennels don’t stink!  We also want your “child” to be appropriately exercised so that they are not stressed but are instead relaxed and able to enjoy their stay with us just like a kid at camp.

MEDICINES such as pills or shots will be administered  as required and are documented at the time they were given.  Unlike other kennels you will not be charge per medication!

DAY CARE is provided for those mom’s and dad’s that want their “child” to be appropriately cared for while they are at work or away for that day.  Most of us don’t have a friend or relative to unload our “children” on while we go to work or to a doctor’s appointment.  Your “child” enjoys all the benefits of that are provided to our boarding guests without the  overnight stay.

GROOMING is provided for all our canine “children” upon request.  Please inquire for pricing at the time of your request.