Dog Training Services

Dog Training at Weeping Willow KennelsWhen they are young, they are so impressionable and they grow so fast. Before the opportunity is gone take this time to teach them the behaviors you need while they are young. This early age is a crucial time for socialization & accepting the world around them. Come learn fun and focused techniques to help you with potty training, kenneling, greeting politely, bite inhibition, being polite around food, and walking nicely on a leash. Guided socialization for safety. We follow AKC guidelines in all our classes to ensure long term success using a curriculum we know works. Classes will be grouped according to age – young pups (10 weeks – 5 months) & older dogs, such as adopted dogs (6-9 months+)

Elementary – (Basic Life Skills)

Every pup or dog should be part of the family, but also know how to act as a polite family member. Teaching your dog to problem solve through fun and focused games. Your dog will acquire skills of: accepting the leash and collar, waiting at doors, walking on a loose leash, waiting for his food, and sitting for a stranger.

Cues include – potty training, watch me, sit, down, walking on a loose leash, manners around thresholds, food, & new people

Elementary, Middle & High School are 6-week group courses and are $99.00 for new customers. If you are already a Weeping Willow Kennels boarding customer you will receive a 10% discount… membership does have its privileges.
Minimum class size is 3, maximum is 6-8 to allow for more individual attention

Middle School – (Real life application)

Take the skills your pup has mastered in Elementary & advance them as your dog continues to grow. Use these skills as your pup matures, survive the teenage years with consistency instead of frustration, & take your dog into public places & around new people without worry of your pup reacting negatively to a new situation.

Cues – sit & down stay, walking in a specific position at your side, advancing house manners, address adolescent behaviors, place (go to bed)

High School – (Canine Good Citizenship)

We follow the AKC standards for the Canine Good Citizenship test & help you prepare your dog to pass this test with ease. Test requirements include accepting a stranger, coming when called, stay in place & more.

The test for the CGC will take place on week 7 of class. If your dog passes all requirements, you will receive a certificate at completion.

Canine College – (Advanced Skills)

Take your dog to the next level of life by taking all of the skills you have learned in “grade school” & add more fun skills tailored to your dog. Have a specific goal in mind? Want to learn a few new tricks, use a clicker more effectively reward your dog’s good behavior & learn more cues to trust your dog in everyday situations? This is your chance to help your dog use his mind to fullest. Warning: this course may result in a super happy wag!

Cues include – long term stays, pausing at all thresholds allowing you to pass first, fun tricks such as paw, roll over, retrieving toys. Canine College are on going classes and are $35.00 per class at Weeping Willow Kennels.

Day School:

This is an actual day care and training program. We will provide a basic training foundation via a structured daily routine that will help your fur-baby develop good house manners that you can reinforce at home. This structured setting that enables your furry child to learn quickly. They will be socialized with other dogs, get exercise and play time, and will be tired at the end of the day when you pick them up to take them home.

Skills include waiting at doors, eating politely, interacting with different dogs in a calm, controlled way, walking politely on a leash. These skills & cues can be tailored to fit your needs for your dog.

Day School is $35.00 for Daycare plus $20.00 for training for total of $55.00

Board & Train:

Want to condense the learning curve and/or deprogram an unwanted behavior but there isn’t enough time in your day to effectively train your fur-baby? Board & Train could be your best solution for a situation that is only going to get worse as your fur-baby grows. Our Board & Train program is designed for your fur-baby to fit into the family’s home and life style in a short period of time. The goal is to have happy and willing furry child that responds quickly to your commands. Our professional training will build solid, dependable obedient behaviors in your pet.

Board & Train: $30.00 boarding plus $35.00 training totals $65.00 per overnight stay.

By the end of Week 4 of our Board & Train your fur-baby will have the skill sets needed to pass the AKC Good Citizenship test should this be your intended goal. The goals are based upon your input and agreed to at the time of the intake interview with our Master Trainer.

Our Board & Train program is setup where your dog comes and lives with us. Your fur-baby will be trained outdoors in our dog park, in our training room, the kennels facilities and in our homes. They will have outdoor time with other dogs and focused exercise for both mind & body in addition to their private lessons.

All board & trains can & will be tailored to your specific needs. We will schedule a meeting with our trainer to discuss the best solution for your specific situation & make a plan together to achieve the goals you wish to achieve.

Train the Trainer also known as Private Lesson/In Home Training Program:

This allows for you to either come to the us for lessons or we come to you and work with both you and your dog in their home setting. When at your home we can observe the home dynamics and train you to train your furry child. Issues such as anxiety, aggression, running away and more can all be addressed in the privacy of your home. We will help you to resolve unwanted behaviors and replace them with desired behaviors through desensitizing, counter conditioning and good old fashioned training.

The best part is that after the training is done with our staff you are able to continue the training process because you will have the skill sets necessary to be a consistent parent that will reenforce these perishable skills sets they have learned. Consistency is the key to a long healthy and happy relationship with our pets.

Private Train the Trainer lessons are $65.00 an hour at the kennel…In home lesson will incur a $20.00 for travel up to 15 mins from kennel.

Here’s a bio on our trainer Kellyn Layton.