Welcome to Weeping Willow Kennels

Located in Salisbury, Maryland, our state of the art boarding facility, truly is the next best thing to being home..  Weeping Willow Kennels has been successfully serving our canine and feline community for more than 19 years.

After spending several years researching the market and local area, we created the highest quality and the safest kennels, with the most amenities to make your pet’s stay relaxing and comfortable.  We continually strive to keep our kennels up-to-date.  In 2018 Weeping Willow underwent a 100k renovation.  We now have the largest kennels on the Eastern Shore.  We are always looking at the latest in kenneling systems to keep our kennel friendly so your  canine child and feline child feel right at home.

The Big Paws kennels have been expanded to 4’x31′ and for those larger fur babies or those who like to share; we have an even larger kenn at 5’x40′!!  These kennels are HUGE!  Our kennels offer 3 distinct compartments; an inner residence area, a middle covered run/exercise area and an outer private bathroom and sunning area.  The outer private bathroom/sunning area was added as part of the renovation in March of 2018.  This addition provides your fur baby with an open sunny area 4’x6′ for use as a private bathroom and sunning area.  The dogs love it because the floor of this new kennel uses a product called “Stable Grid” that is filled with pea gravel.  The Stable Grid prevents digging holes and tunneling while providing the comforting feeling of standing on mother earth, a connection your dog longs for and needs.  This part of the kennel allows the dog to see but not touch the dog to either side of them.  Dogs love to socialize and see other dogs…it’s who they are and is when  they are most happy.  The “Stable Grid” filled with pea gravel provides a more sanitary environment for your fur-baby for use as a bathroom compared to the usual cement floor of most kennels.  Urine flows through the gravel instead of puddling.   This area is flushed with our new commercial sanitary wash system to quickly and easily provide your fur-baby a clean safe environment that feels and is more comfortable than a cement floor.   In short our/your fur-babies love it!

Prior to the renovation there were only 2 large play fields.  Today these fields have been converted to 7 play yards for the dogs to exersise and do their buisness in.  These yards are surrounded by 6 foot tall horse fencing to safely contain your fur-baby while they are out enjoying the play/exercise time.  The yards are situated so that a dog in a yard can see other dogs but not touch or bite one another; our big dogs play by themselves for obvious reasons.  The result of having an additional 5 yards means longer play time and more socialization for your fur-baby.  Our kennel techs have time to throw a ball or Frisbee and just be with your fur-baby while they get the needed exercise to burn off their energy…and no Weeping Willow Kennels does not charge for play time like other kennels…it’s part of the basic services offered at the base price.  Leash walks are offered and are an additional charge should you require your dog to be walked on a leash, which will be done in the large 1 1/2 acre field.  
Other improvements done behind the scenes which are not as visible but are just as significant include plumbing in more high pressure lines inside both kennels for use with our new commercial sanitary kennel cleaning system and the implementation of a composting program to deal with the dog poop…yep Weeping Willow has gone green!  
Today Weeping Willow Kennels offers more for your fur-baby when in our care.  We have improved their environment socially, physically and made it more sanitary.  Our kennel techs are spending more time with your fur-baby instead of walking acreage picking up poop.  Your dogs enjoy the largest exclusive multi-compartment kennels of any kennel on the Delmarva Peninsula.  As a result, Weeping Willow Kennels is more efficient and effective in caring for your beloved fur-baby.

Whether you’re headed to Ocean City for the day, gone for a week, or just want to give your furry friend a “Spa Treatment,” you can relax knowing that our professional, caring staff will provide your  canine “child”with the comforts of home.  We are a top referral pick by our local Veterinarians, Groomers and of course by our canine and feline community.

Services Offered by Weeping Willow Kennels


33 Indoor/Outdoor Kennels
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Day Care

Play Time and Treats
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Little Paws

23 Separate units with 6 ft. runs and separate play area


Baths, ears, nails, anal glands and clipping, etc.

More About Weeping Willow Kennels

Here at Weeping Willow Kennels we strive to make your puppy feel right at home.  We do everything possible to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

  • We strive for consistency when it comes to keeping your “children” to a routine schedule that includes a rest period with little or no human contact.  Canine “children” need time to process what they have experienced and they do this best when left alone to contemplate.
  • Weeping Willow does not charge for play time.  
  • Every canine gets access to one of the 7 play yards up to 6 times a day so that they get to stretch their legs and play. 
  • We pride ourselves on the fact that our kennels don’t smell, making the experience for your “child” a positive one so that they look forward to coming back again and again.
  • Our Big Paw kennels are the largest on the Eastern Shore so your fury babies have the room they deserve. 
  • We do more than just canines!! We have a cattery that allows your feline “child” to access the entire room and socialize with the  other feline “children” as long as they behave.  There are climbing posts, cubby boxes and plenty of space to just stretch out and relax.  Every feline “child” gets it’s own little cottage complete with bed and bathroom which is cleaned twice daily.
  • We also have  specialty rooms reserved for those unique needs including older/senior “children.”  Over the years we have cared for pets of all varieties and needs so please ask to see if we can help serve you and your pets.